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Published on November 25th, 2013 | by Vekked


X-MAS CONTEST: Scratch Science Records Giveaway!!!

I was going to do a little battle to kick off TTW but I thought something even friendlier for all skill levels would be better to ease into it.

I’m going to give 4 Scratch Science battle records away to 1 lucky turntablist:

  • Enter the Scratch Game 2
  • Vand Vand’s Daily Thrill
  • Mr. Viktor’s Belzelbuth
  • Le Jad and Ligone’s Around the Wheel

All of them are brand new ones of my own that I’ve been holding on to for a while, and I hear they’re getting hard to find these days… If you don’t know what Scratch Science records are, they’re the records that are being used here:

…more on the Scratch Science channel that those videos are on, also check them out and give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook:

This contest is open to anyone and is NOT skill-based so even if you’re terrible you have a fair chance. All you have to do is:

1) Upload a scratch practice video of your own to youtube longer than 1 minute.
2) Put in the description.
3) Post a new thread with your video in the “Selfies” section of the forum, and put your DJ name and “contest” somewhere in the title.

Note: the video has to be recorded/uploaded after today, no old videos and the deadline is Christmas Day, then every entrant will be put into a raffle and drawn randomly on December 27th. I’ll figure out a way to do it fair and try to do it live in the Scratch Room that day :).

The goals for this little contest are:

  • to get more scratchy videos to watch
  • to get people less shy about posting new threads
  • to help spread the word about TTW
  • to give some free records away :)

So let’s see some of your scratching, and good luck to everyone that enters! Please spread the word, would like to see as many new scratch videos as possible :)

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13 Responses to X-MAS CONTEST: Scratch Science Records Giveaway!!!

  1. DafyDeks says:

    in the world of turntablism Vekked my friend you are the man

  2. David Lopez says:

    Dope!! Legit giveaway!

  3. Avon Klassen says:

    I’m super keen to enter & would like to know is there a limit to the number of vids we can post and is the competition open worldwide..(I’m from South Africa) Thank you

  4. Rock Well says:

    If someone can out-shred Deska on that belzebuth video will you send them one of your spare 62s?

  5. Avon Klassen says:

    Cool… I’ll get on it and post something within the time line

  6. Ruel Cervantes Skprf says:


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  8. DJ Ollie says:

    Was the winner announced yet from the raffle drawing?

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