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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Vekked


Scratch together in the TTW Scratch Room!

We just added the TTW Scratch Room to the main page here:

Originally I wasn’t going to do a TTW-specific scratch room and was just going to let others make their own at will, but my designer found a way not only to embed the room, but also to remove all the ads (which are a source of lag/annoyance in normal rooms), and it looks like the video streams are a tiny bit bigger. So please jump in and join in the scratch session! There’s a short list of rules/etiquette at the top and I’ll try to sort out a short guide for first timers for sorting out their sound and video settings.

Last night we had 21 turntablists in the room at one point and 8 DJs streaming (click the pic for full size):

tinyscratch 2

Share the link and lets try to get the biggest online scratch session in history going! I think I’ve seen maybe 40 people in a room at once Let’s shoot for 50!

Happy scratching 😀


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