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Published on December 4th, 2013 | by Vekked


IDA Scratch Battle WORLD FINALS!

This is it, we’re down to 2 last DJs in the IDA Scratch Battle World Finals, probably the toughest scratch battle we’ve seen in years, if not ever…

IQ (USA) –


BEN (Poland)


Who do you think took it for the IDA Scratch World Title?

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2 Responses to IDA Scratch Battle WORLD FINALS!

  1. kebzer says:

    IQ all day!

  2. Jon Rist says:

    Wow. Close indeed. I think both dudes utilize the same amount of scratches/vocab, but perhaps IQ does a better job at concealing this. Meaning, I didn’t hear as many repetitive cuts (although there were some) in IQ’s set versus Ben’s. I would also give a leg up to IQ considering he’s on a tech versus an ultra torque like Ben. Ben utilizes two turntables and quite a bit more samples than IQ, which makes for a slightly more entertaining set. IQ’s ending on the fresh and aaah sound was incredible. I don’t think any scratcher has any more technical cuts than an other, as a matter of fact, the styles are quite similar.

    If I were to judge this, I would give it to IQ, by .1 to .4 of a leg up to Ben simply based on his better articulation/record control. Really tough decision.

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