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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Vekked


Welcome to Turntablist World!

There hasn’t been a proper website for turntablists to talk, watch videos, get feedback, find out what’s happening, and just build together, for far too long. I know there are tons of people out there who are still cutting it up on the daily, it just takes going to youtube or checking out the dozens of turntablism facebook groups out there to see that, but the scene overall is more disorganized than ever.

Battles aren’t as big as they used to be, barely anyone is making turntable music, gear isn’t being marketed towards us, there hasn’t been a main site for turntablists since D-Styles site and Asisphonics shut down… but we’re all still here scratching, beat juggling, and making funny sounds on the turntables at home.

So let’s build.

I want this site to be for turntablists, by turntablists. I’m putting the ball in motion here by making this site and putting it out there, but to do anything really cool it’s going to take a community.

  • Want an online battle based on skill rather than popularity? Let’s get it together.
  • Want a new scratch record without the same old sounds? Let’s make one.
  • Want a new scratch album? New loopers? Scratch sounds? Equipment mods? Lets do that stuff too!

I know I can’t be the only one who wants more of this stuff, so if you feel the same way please sign up for the forum, start posting, and share the site with other turntablists. I want Turntablist World to be run by the community as much as possible, so I’ll be recruiting moderators for the various sections and will eventually need volunteers to write articles for the front page. If that’s something you’re interested in, hit me up!

The only things I ask are:

  1.  for people to be constructive. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell someone that they’re wack if they are… it just means try and be reasonable and help them out, everybody has to start somewhere.
  2. for people to be open-minded to all aspects of the artform: turntable music, battling, freestyle scratching, etc. The turntablist scene is already niche enough without creating niches within our own niche. When it comes down to it, we’re all just people making music with turntables.

So let’s make something happen, peace!


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30 Responses to Welcome to Turntablist World!

  1. Shan Dookna says:

    yep looking forward to this….respect vekked


    Nice. This is gonna be dope!!!

  3. Slick Rix the Deejay says:

    This is dope.. good job vekked!!!

  4. Swordz says:

    Excellent initiative!! can’t wait to see videos being posted here

  5. Arkae says:

    Huge respect to you Vekked!! This is going to be super fun!!

  6. TrinidadandTobago Turntablists says:

    Been waiting on this.. love it

  7. Kendell SnakeEyez Clarke says:

    kudos bro!!! this is gonna be insane! blessings flow to the community

  8. Dirty Digits says:

    Dope. Big up Vekked! Looking forward to this!!

  9. Gerber says:

    Well Done Sir. Let’s all push this forward!

  10. Andy Raa says:

    The Amazatron 5000 is COMPLETE!!….now to take over the world…. :/

  11. DJDAZE says:

    Mad Respect Bro !! Let’s Go!!

  12. B*MONEY says:

    Thanks Vekked! Super excited about the site!

  13. D.j. Buttaphingaz says:

    Yep nice, respect on doing this !!

  14. Delaney Scott says:

    good idea,lets hope none of the egos clashes,not naming any but some have there head up there own arse like a celebrity,and to many crap groups on fb people just showing off there toys with no skill,vekked well done mate 😉

  15. Oliver Byrne says:


  16. Rock Well says:

    The sites looking great. I’m all about building a community… definitely the way forward.

  17. Sporadik Styles says:

    Proper mission statement!

  18. Kuttin Kandi says:

    love it vekked!! let me know how else i can support!!

  19. Dj Vex One says:


  20. Flip Ali Rivero says:


  21. Anthony Andrew C Cendaña says:

    word and big ups.bring the fun days of skratch forums eheheheh

  22. Dan Djm Ditch says:

    sweet, will defo be checking in here from time to time :)

  23. FreezC says:

    Turntablist worldwide will be one here..! nice one Vekked!

  24. DJ Xplisit says:

    Dooope site b!!!

  25. tripmastermonkee says:

    this looks promising. i’ve longed for something like this for quite some time now. i’ve been wanting to relive the glory days of the skratch dj community, back when the forum was around in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. some of my fondest memories of the internets came from that community. where all my OG ISP BBS heads at?

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